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Meet Jake Hill, the Talented Voice Behind "Dixon Dallas" and His Provocative Gay Country Songs

When we think of country music, where traditions and stereotypes often seem unchanged, an emerging artist is breaking barriers and recognizing that a gay audience for Country Music does exist. Jake Hill, known by his pseudonym "Dixon Dallas," is a male singer and songwriter who has tackled the world of country music with a unique twist – he sings openly and proudly about his romantic experiences with a male partner.

Little can be found on the internet about Jake Hill, but we do know that he grew up in a Alabama, and he originally hit the music scene in 2016 as a rapper. He is currently releasing music under three different names:

Each of the names listed above serves a different genre and fan base. For example, "Dixon Dallas" focuses on Country Music while his "Ur Pretty" pseudonym focuses on pop rock music, also with provocative gay themes.

Although little is known about Jake Hill, we do know that his music is fun and catchy. We're looking forward to more jam-worthy hits.

According to Jake Hill's Twitter account, he has an upcoming tour and tickets are now for sale.

(Source: @iamjakehill)

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